Welcome to my first #TalkShitThursday!
Where you will probably find some unpopular opinions and discussions!

This is hosted by Vivian over at @ beautedelivres

The idea of #TalkShitThursday is that once a week you write a post on a topic of your choice (it doesn’t have to relate to books but most certainly can). Your post will be/can be about personal experience, something that has gone on in the media, a recipe, discussing music – there are no limits (within reason). 

So I’m not really new to the online book community, just new to the blogging scene (I had a book tumblr for awhile but it didn’t work out). I’ve been on Goodreads for a lot of years but only just got more involved with the book blogging community on Twitter where it seems to be the most active.

I think what deterred me the most of joining the community was fandoms. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fandoms and being in fandoms or anything like that. But the obsessive behaviour just seemed so unappealing to me. Or shipping, that’s something that I never really got into and didn’t really like. I see a lot of posts about how ‘this character obviously needs to be with this character and if you don’t agree then you’re wrong and don’t understand the book/trilogy/series’ except that it’s probably never actually going to happen in the book. Of course everyone has a right to their opinion and I’m not saying anything against that but who gives anyone the right to say that or act like that? it’s not your book, it’s not your work, you have no say in any of this. It just makes it really hard sometimes to want to be involved with those fandoms or anything like that, when people act that way.

Again, I have absolutely nothing against fandoms or even fanfiction I just wish that sometimes we could just love what these authors have wrote for us and leave it at that. They wrote it how they needed it to be, it’s their work, it’s their love, it’s their story. It obviously shows appreciation but at the same time shouldn’t we be appreciating the work for what it is all on it’s own? Another thing I’ve been seeing a lot of is ‘this character is so precious must protect them at all costs!!!!’ how about this character is bad ass and how about you appreciate them as such. I’m not saying all bloggers are like this and I’m definitely not talking about about anyone in particular it’s just random events and things I’ve seen posted.

All of this has made it really hard for me to connect with others in the community because I just don’t get it. It’s not that I don’t love books to pieces and get excited about them and want to talk about them. Because I do, a lot, but like any other community there’s always groups that are so exclusive it’s hard to enjoy it. Maybe it’s just the way that I see things that makes it so difficult. And maybe I’m just missing something all together and it’s went right over my head. But it’s still the struggle nonetheless.

 Please feel free to comment on this, I’d love to hear what you think!