Ten Things I Want to See More of in Books.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish.
This week’s theme is Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist.

So I obviously haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday post in quite awhile but I was actually really excited for this one because I have plenty of things I would love to see more of in books.

  1. First is a pretty obvious thing, I would love to see more asexuality within books. Main characters who are on the asexual spectrum, relationships between asexual character, friendships, anything really. Because, let’s be real here for a second I’m pretty much over your typical relationship being huge plot devices.
  2. More prominent platonic friendships and even relationships. Because hey, that’s a thing. And those can be so important!
  3. Aliens. Good aliens. Real aliens. Not the disappointing development that was the 5th Wave. I just want more aliens.
  4. LGBTQIA+ main characters in genres beside contemporary. Not that I don’t mind reading contemporary books. But it’s definitely not my favourite genre to read and it really sucks not having those main characters in the genres that I love.
  5. More characters outside of the normal gender spectrum please! I would love love love to have more non-binary characters. As someone who is non-binary I would be nice to have more relatable characters. I know the hardest part of this is that I think its a little different for everyone when it comes to being non-binary. So even when I have read books with characters outside the gender norm I have trouble relating, so please more main characters that aren’t just the norm!
  6. Kind of a continuation of number 4 – less books about coming out and less about them being LGBTQIA+ and more just having those character go through the whole story and them being LGBTQIA+ not be relevant or important to the plot. Maybe I need to delve outside of YA to find this? But still, I’ve been out for 10 years as of this summer and I’m not about the discovery anymore. I’m more about just reading about them in the fantasy + sci-fi worlds that I love.
    • Side note – I know that YA is geared towards teens, which having stories about coming out and discovery can be and is so freaking important. But also reading about LGBTQIA+ characters who are just living (in whatever world) like every other character can also be very encouraging. And like I said earlier maybe I need to look for this elsewhere in the book world but I think it could bring a lot to YA too. (Maybe I should just write a post about this).
  7. Now I don’t read a lot of historical fiction but YA books set during the Renaissance would be really kind of awesome. It’s just one of my favourite time periods for art.
  8. This is a big one for me, more main characters with anxiety. Especially characters with all different levels of anxiety because it’s different for everyone. And again, not just in contemporary either. One of my favourite set of books, Consider and Contribute (which I have an ARC review coming for Contribute soon!) by Kristy Acevedo combines an MC with an anxiety disorder and aliens (+ space and other cool things) beautiful and I JUST WANT MORE OF THAT PLEASE.
  9. Possible unpopular opinion? But seriously, books that chance MC POV’s every book bother me so much. This is me side eyeing you Graceling Realm Trilogy. I can get so invested in characters and then BAM new MC in the book and I’m just usually left like ????? Of course there are a few exceptions, the only reason I finished the 5th Wave books was because of the MC POV change to Ringer.
  10. Last thing here, I would love to see more books writing in the style of Sleeping Giants/Waking Gods and even Illuminae/Gemina! I think it’s super fun and can be a bit of a relief from heavier books. I’m always up for something grabbing my attention and these books do in their crazy cool formatting. So more like them please!

Are any of these things you would also like to see while reading? Let me know!


13 thoughts on “Ten Things I Want to See More of in Books.

  1. Yes to all of this, especially #8. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book whose protagonist has anxiety–which, in retrospect, seems like a travesty.

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  2. LGBTQIA+ books are becoming more common in fantasy, not common enough but getting better, though I don’t know the YA scene as well. I can’t recall any asexual protagonists though. I love seeing someone else with platonic relationships on their list; nice to know I am not sitting on an island here.

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    • Maybe it’s because I haven’t ventured outside of YA that much. I’ve wanted to but I have no idea where to even start. It really surprises me that platonic friendships are still not much of a thing. I really hope they become more common in books.


  3. Agree completely about books where main characters have anxiety. I personally haven’t read a book where a character has had an anxiety attack or even mildly dealt with anything outside of like “anti-social loner types”. I wanna see books that have fat girls with super/magic powers. >w>
    If anyone knows of any let me know.
    Also aliens for sure!!

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  4. Yes to everything on this list! I can already imagine a YA Renaissance book- it would be brilliant! I think the only book I’ve read the ventures anywhere near anxiety territory is Its Kind of a Funny Story. I would love to read more books in all genres about characters with anxiety and the different ways they deal with it! 🙂

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  5. Yes to all of them! I recently read By Your Side by Kasie West which features a main character with anxiety. However, I was rather disappointed in the way the author portrayed it. Also, I haven’t read Sleeping Giants yet but now that I know it is along the same format as Illuminae, I’m moving it up on my TBR pile. Thank you. This is a fantastic list!

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  7. Number two! For sure! I have tons of guy friends from college and such that I’ve never been romantically interested in. We’re just friends. And yet, this seems to be non-existent in books. WHY?? It’s true!! Guys and girls can be friends!

    Also LGBT+ in other genres… I never thought about that. I’ve read a bunch of contemporaries with LGBT+ characters, but finding fantasy, historical fiction, etc. with them is a lot harder and it really shouldn’t be. Thanks for sharing. (:

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